A la carte menu

We prepare the best taste in town!

A la carte menu

Enjoy a wonderful meatfrom our brand new a la carte menu.

Choose for a wide range of lovely foods, from burgers to jucy steaks.

We look forward to welcoming you at Maggies.



1. Spinach Dip:

Spinach slow roasted with cheese and blended with

spices into a wonderful dip. Served with Tortilla Chips

96 kr


2. Nacho Supreme:

Classic Tortilla Chips covered with cheese and pico di gallo.

Served with a side of salsa

123 kr


3. Buffalo Chicken Wings:

Classic New York Style Wings served with a

Blue Cheese dressing, celery sticks and carrot sticks

119 kr


4. Beer Battered Onion Rings:

Crispy onion rings served with a tangy BBQ sauce.

99 kr




5. Oven Roasted Salmon:

Encrusted in a pepper, herbs and spinach crust.

Served with a hollandaise sauce and mashed potatoes.



6. New York Style Sirloin Steak 250g:

Served with Grilled Vegetables,

sautéed Onion, braised mushrooms

255 kr


7. Rib eye 300gr.

Served with grilled vegetables, braised mushrooms

295 kr


8. Peppercorn Crusted Filet-Mignon 250gr.

Served with grilled vegetables, braised mushrooms



Warm sauces:

Red Wine Sauce, Brown Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce & Hollandaise Sauce.

















Burgers are served with Organic Brioche Bread, Lettuce,

Tomato, & N.Y. Style Dill Pickles.


9. Mad Classic Burger:

A beef patty fried to perfection and topped with

caramelized onions and a green peppercorn may.

119 kr


10. Bacon Cheese Burger:

Topped with Thick Cut Molasses Smoked Bacon,

Monterey Jack Cheese, a Beer Battered Onion Ring and BBQ sauce

129 kr

11. Chipotle Cheese Burger:

topped with jalapenos, Monterey Jack Cheese & chipotle mayonnaise.

129 kr


12. Vegi Burger:

Halloumi Cheese, mushrooms & Green Peppercorn Mayo

109 kr


13. New Orleans:

spicy fried cajun shrimps, lettuce, tomato, chili, remolade

109 kr


14. Pulled Pork Sandwich:

mixed with a tangy BBQ Sauce, and topped with raw onion & dill pickles

129 kr


15. Philly cheese steak sandwich:

Thin cuts of beef mixed with caramelized onion ,

mushrooms & topped with melted cheese

129 kr


16. Monte Cristo sandwich:

ham, cheddar, swiss cheese, crème fraiche & honey mustard

109 kr


17. Club Sandwich:

chicken, cheddar and caesar mayo

119 kr


18. Hot Dog Chicago Style:

Beef hot dog, chopped raw onion, chopped tomato, pickle spears



19. Pastrami Sandwich:

Full thin sliced pastrami sandwich on rye bread with deli mustard





Double Your Burger

65 kr


Gluten free burger bun





20. French Fries

32 kr


21. French Fries Chili

34 kr


22. Crispy Onion Ring

34 kr


23. Sweet Potato Fries

36 kr


24. Mixed Green Salad

32 kr




25. Caesar mayo

12 kr


26. Mayo

12 kr


27. BBQ mayo

13 kr


28. Chipotle peppercorn mayo

12 kr




29. Cheesecake

65 kr


30. Apple pie

65 kr


31. Chocolate cake

65 kr


32. Bananna Split:

Grandma’s frozen custard icecream


















Served with fries


33. Junior Cheese Burger

79 kr.


34. Chicken Finger

79 kr.


35. Junior Chicken Burger

79 kr.


36. Chicken Nuggets

79 kr

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